Holiday Custom Work

Introducing Custom Holiday Cards!!!

Custom Cards & Prints, and Personalized Prints!

Let's make something fun, personal, and unique!

The holidays are a great time to give an extra special custom or personalized piece. We can make a fun custom illustration using your favorite photo, make memorable holiday cards, or get that name juuussst right on a personalized print. 

This holiday season promises to be predictably unpredictable. I want to make it go as smoothly as I can and that means we've gotta get custom work done earlier this year!  There are bound to be frustrating shipping delays, BUT let's see what magic we can make!! Just going to make it a little earlier than usual.

The deadlines below are subject to change based on all kinds of boring factors, but I will always be transparent about what's going on. Just know, once an item is shipped, it's completely out of my control when it will get to you. I can always provide printable certificates to stand in place of the gift until it arrives. Let's not worry about that quite yet though and let's get to the fun stuff.


I've gotta push up the deadlines for custom work this season. There's more flexibility if you're local in Sonoma County.

You must place your orders by the dates below

Custom Holiday Cards: MONDAY, NOVEMBER 8th     


Custom Portraits - Prints:  MONDAY, DECEMBER 6th

Personalized Prints: MONDAY, DECEMBER 6th

Hanukkah Peeps: Be sure to place your orders by Monday, November 8th if you want gift in time for Hanukkah this year. Hanukkah AND Thanksgiving back-to-back?! Are we serving latkes AND mashed potatoes this year?

THANKSGIVING: I will be out of town for Thanksgiving, beginning Monday, November 22nd. I will still process and work on orders during that time, but shipments will not go out until Tuesday, November 30th.


25 Cards with Grey Envelopes - $60    (up to 4 figures)

Happy Holidays from these friendly faces!! These black-and-white illustrations of your family - human and furry - are sure to make folks smile this holiday season.

$10 per extra figure - limit to 8 figures on a card*

Choice of Green, Blue, or Yellow Font

Choice of Greeting: "Happy Holidays", "Happy Hanukkah", "Merry Christmas", and "Happy Kwanzaa" 

Can add on family name(s) - no extra charge

Minimum 25 card order, $2.50/card for additional cards (in increments of 5)

Thick, 100% recycled paper cards. 

Envelopes are 100% recycled vellum in chipboard grey.

*email me at if you have more than 8 figures or any questions.


  • Place your order online - put the name(s) in the notes section at checkout (optional)
  • Email me photos of the faces you want drawn -  IMPORTANT NOTE: Faces are drawn AS IS in the photo, no alterations.
  • You will receive up to 2 drafts for free to make alterations. Each draft after is $10.
  • I will email you once the final draft is sent to the printer. We cannot make any changes once the item is sent to print. Any change requests at this point are considered a new order.
  • You receive an email when the cards are shipped
  • You fill them out and send them to your family and friends! 
  • They tell you how cool these cards are!

Custom Illustrations and Personalized Prints

For art prints, both custom and personalized, the process is the same as always. We just need to follow the deadlines so I can do my part in getting you the portrait for the actual holiday!

If you're ordering for Hanukkah - Please get your orders in by Tuesday, November 9th.


Prices do not include shipping.

Santa isn't taking requests for his sleigh, and unfortunately I can't sneak packages into the Amazon delivery network. The USPS, UPS, and FedEx have all "gently" suggested we get orders out extra early because there WILL be delays. You and I get the same tracking info, so once a package is out, there's only so much we can do about it. Bean Horse Car Designs is not responsible for any shipping delays.

Also, my greeting card printer is out of state. Once I place an order they are typically very fast when it comes to printing, but are also at the mercy of the shipping carriers. I will communicate any delays I experience.

I do not currently offer international orders, but should the time come: Any international shipping fees, duties, or import taxes are the responsibility of the customer.