Box Set - Hannukah Mixed

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Good Hanukkah cards are hard to come by. When I first started designing greeting cards my cousins requested I make fun Hannukah cards, not just blue and white ones. This set includes one of each Hanukkah specific card - it also pairs well with the Remember the Matches card (not included).

This box set includes on of each:

  • Cheese Dreidel
  • Leftover Candles
  • 8 Days of Latkes
  • Happy Challahdays
  • Art Deco Hanukkah

Each card comes with a warm, grey kraft envelope and the set comes in a kraft box


Front of Card Text: 

"Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel. I Made You Out of Cheese. When You're Dry and Ready... Nope, that was a terrible idea"

"Happy Hannukah from my box of candles leftover from the nights I forgot to light the menorah"

"You had me at 8 days of latkes"

"Happy Challahdays"

"Happy Hannukah"

Inside: All Blank - awaiting your fab personal sentiment

Size: A2 (US) - 4.25"x5.5"

Printed in the USA

Made from 100% PCW (post consumer waste - aka. recycled material). The recycled material may have some little colored fibers in the card and envelope.