Card Pack - Encouragement

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Getting a card when you're feeling a bit low can really turn things around. I remember having a particularly hard week teaching, and I got a thank you card from a class participant. They wrote a simple message, but the impact was profound. I put this set together for people who want to send pick me ups. 

This set includes three (3) cards:

1. Sympathy Card - Front text says, "The World is Dimmer, But The Stars Shine Brighter"

2. Lion Pride - Front text says, "Proud of You"

3. Hanging Sloth - Front text says, "Hang In There"

Remember, sometimes a simple message goes a long way. Don't stress if you cannot think of an incredibly profound thing to write inside. The act itself, of sending a card, will have more of an impact than you may appreciate at the time.

Each card is blank on the inside, printed in the US on 100% Post Consumer Waste (PCW) paper, and comes with a white 100% PCW envelope.