Houseplant: Moonshine Sansevieria - Personalized

Houseplant: Moonshine Sansevieria - Personalized

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Who doesn't want to wake up feeling extra rejuvenated? Having plants in your bedroom, pumping oxygen into the space, can improve your sleep and help you wake up feeling more refreshed. Another kind of "snake plant", the Moonshine version has broader leaves than its more common cousin. These plants release their oxygen at night, making them great plants for your bedroom. Even images of plants can improve your mood. I like the flow of the leaves with the flow of the design on the pot. 

The perfect print for a plant lover - both green and black thumbs are welcome. Pair with another print in the series to make a gallery wall nursery.

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Print Details:

SIZE: 8" x 10"

PAPER: 100% Cotton Rag, 350-285 gsm (thick and long-lasting)

I can also do 11"x14" - please email me for price and to order