Madagascar Forest - MISPRINTS

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Madagascar is a remarkable island off the coast of East Africa. The 4th largest island in the world has a lot of biodiversity - including 105 species of lemurs and the magical Avenue of the Boababs. Ring-tailed lemurs are the most commonly recognized species, but their cousin the Aye-Aye is pretty cool too. With a face only a mother (and some primate enthusiasts) can love, they need some love. 

MISPRINTS - Print has a thin white edge around the border. It's easily hidden by a frame

FINAL SALE - All misprinted items are final sale.

Print Details:

Size: 8” x 10” - easy-peasy to find a frame, versatile for most spaces, may even fit in a scrapbook when you don't want it on the wall anymore.

Orientation: Portrait - That's tall one, not the wide one

Paper Content: 100% Cotton - TREE FREE! It's a slightly textured paper, but still very smooth.

Thickness/Weight: 150# Cover. What does that mean? The paper is heavier, more sturdy than the average stock.