What do a short, kinda round, big-haired gal and a mantis shrimp have in common? It's harder to find merch with us on it than it should be!

Why I Do it

Hi, my name is Kate Pinto. Yep, like the bean, the horse, and the car. I started Bean Horse Car Designs after recognizing a need and opportunity for wider representation in everyday illustrations. At the time, I was looking to fill my home with images of all kinds of women and uncommon animals, and it was harder to find what I wanted than I expected.

My goals are to make folks feel seen and valued, make underappreciated animals magical, and hopefully get you to crack a smile, even if it's just with a silly pun. You'll find colorful illustrations, silly puns, uplifting and validating messages, and sometimes a little sass.

THe Team

Okay, there isn't a team (yet), unless you count these two furry gooberbeans. I run Bean Horse Car from my house in Northern CA, and these two run a tight ship. They also keep me company and get me out for lots of walks. 

Tembo is the tall dude, and Porter is my shawty.