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There's something for just about anyone here, and any room in a house. From a kitchen to a home bar, from the office to a kiddo's room. I've got you covered. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are questions I get asked the most at markets. If you have another questions, please feel free to fill out the contact form.

Who designs your illustrations?

I do! I love playing with different styles, digital brushes, and digital mediums. It's hard for me to pick a favorite style, so you'll see a variety, but I promise it's all me.

What are they printed on?

Prints are either on 100% Cotton Rag or 100% Recycled Paper. The prints type is listed in the product description. The cotton prints use pigment-based inks, and the recycled one use dye-based inks.

All of the cotton prints are done in-house, and I use a vendor for the recycled prints. I am working towards transitioning more of my prints to using recycled paper. 

What sizes are the prints?

All designs are available as 8"x10". Some designs are also available as 11"x14".

Please reach out to me at if you would like the design in an unlisted size. There will be additional charges.
How do you do your designs?
Everything is digitally illustrated on my iPad with an Apple Pencil. Yep, even the watercolor. I primarily use a program called Procreate, but sometimes also use Adobe Illustrator. I love digital illustration because I can mess up as many times as I want, move things around, change colors, and experiment with a ton of different brushes and styles. 

If you or someone you know is interested in learning, there are a LOT of wonderful tutorials available online. I do recommend getting a matte "paper feel" screen protector. It not only protects your screen, but makes it less slippery to draw on.