Party Mantis Shrimp Art Print

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We all know "that" guy at the party. The pretty one who gets a little aggressive when he drinks, and maybe crush a can for show. The Mantis Shrimp (not actually a shrimp) is that guy. He punches so fast it boils water, and so hard it can split your finger to the bone, but he is also a smart cookie (not actually a cookie) and can speak a secret language with his Mantis Shrimp pals.

Did I mention he is pretty? The Peacock Mantis is so colorful! This makes a great print for those who love interesting, seemingly magical creatures. 

One of my most popular designs, it comes on a greeting card and a sticker (but sans hat).

Print Details:

Size: 8” x 10” - easy-peasy to find a frame, versatile for most spaces, may even fit in a scrapbook when you don't want it on the wall anymore.

Orientation: Portrait - That's tall one, not the wide one


Grade A - Fine Art - Heavyweight, 100% Cotton Rag, acid free, lignin free (prevents discoloration and fading), and no optical brighteners - Tree-free AND the cotton typically comes from the textile industry. Printed with pigment ink (does great in sunny spots)

Grade B - Recycled - 110-130# Recycled Paper. Digitally printed with dye-based ink. Same materials as my greeting cards.

Thickness/Weight: 285 gsm or 290 gsm - What does that mean? The paper is thick and durable, and would probably jam your home printer. I either print at home or use a giclee printing company - hence the slight difference.

Ink: Pigment-based ink - holds up better in sunny spots and stays colorful longer!

Prints are packaged using:

  • Rigid direct mailer envelopes made from 90% post-consumer recycled materials, and they are certified recyclable and naturally biodegradable. Boom.
  • Backing Board - Try to use recycled materials when I can
  • Plastic sleeve for protection - Sometimes I use non-plastic ones, but I've found they unfortunately aren't as "eco-friendly" as the company implies, and they don't hold up well in heat and moisture.
  • Zero-waste shipping labels - both the label AND backing (the thing you peel a fresh sticker off of) are recyclable. We don't always think about the label part when we recycle!

All materials are subject to change based on availability. Don’t worry, I won’t compromise quality.