A few of the products that mean the most to me. They may not all be best sellers, but they hold a special place in my heart. I wrote a little blurb under each one explaining why they means so much to me. 

Art Prints

This all started with art prints! I wasn't going to do greeting cards, but y'all convinced me to expand.


It was important for me to show kiddos with disabilities and Thomas here is just the sweetest. He also is the catalyst for a lot of great conversations with folks at markets. He is very popular with the teachers and nurses.

This print started it all with my people prints. I wanted something for my own home with all kinds of women. It's still really popular, even though my illustration style has evolved since I first drew it.

I have my B.A. in Anthropology and took a lot of primatology courses, plus was a volunteer at the Denver Zoo and made the food for the primates for a long time. The Aye-aye is one of my favorite primates and doesn't get enough love.

Supporting local people and businesses is obviously my JAM as a small business owner myself. You may be able to spot me and Porter in this one, plus my "Market Wife". A great print for those who pride themselves on supporting local folks.

Greeting cards

This one is special because it features my grandma, Noni! She is such a character and we have a good time together. I feel like a lot of cards featuring elders shows them complaining or is kind of mocking them. I just wanted to show my grandma having a good time! She finds her popularity hilarious.

A dear friend, not a "deer" friend, loves mantis shrimp. I did the illustration for her (and myself because I love them too) and decided to put it on a card just to see. Turns out a LOT of people like mantis shrimp! It's consistently one of my best selling cards, prints, AND stickers at Markets!

My brother asked me to make him something to remind him to water his plants. Turns out a lot of folks could use the reminder!

I want to have more cards featuring LGBTQ+ folks. This card features a good friend and his husband, and the sentiment reminds me of them too. I love featuring folks I know!


The LAUGHS I get from this sticker (and matching card) are incredible. I just love watching folks of all ages laugh and show their friends.

It's just too perfect. The card and print are both good too, but something about this sticker on my laptop is just *chef's kiss*

I love the mushroom card and print, so picking mushrooms for stickers was hard. This sticker is in my favorites because the mushrooms are imperfect. It's tempting to draw "the perfect mushroom" for something so small, but the squished one gives it something special.

What's not to love about a big whale with a tiny hat? I mean, it kinda just speaks for itself!

With that said...

It is REALLY hard for me to pick favorites! I love most of my art, but certainly not all of it. I actually almost got rid of the "Pinecone and Chickadee" Card,  but y'all love it too much! haha I find myself trying new styles, trying new themes, and circling back to what's important. I hope you enjoy what I create, even when it's not my "typical" work. I love making things that resonate with folks and there's nothing better than seeing your faces light up and hearing why a particular item spoke to you.