Your Favorite Memories Illustrated

A custom illustration is a special and unique way to celebrate the people, pets, and places in our lives. These make wonderful gifts for any occasion - from family photos, to weddings, to honor loved ones who have passed away, and even celebrating a new home. 

Quick Portraits

A simple illustration of a pet or a home.

Pick your product and email me your photo.



Custom Illustration Process

If you want something other than the Quick Portraits, complete the contact form below. We chat about what you're looking for and build your portrait. I'll email you an estimate for the illustration and products.

You email me the photo you want illustrated, and wait impatiently as I illustrate.

I drink a couple cups of coffee, work my magic, send you an initial illustration, and you let me know if I need to make any changes. I may cry into said coffee, so be kind.

Once complete, we rejoice and all break into dance! 

Prints - Ship within 2 business days

Cards - typically ship within 7-10 business days

What Does it cost?



Cost of the illustration itself and is priced a-la-cart.

Price varies based on what add-ons (ex. lettering) you want to include in your portrait and how complex the image is.


How you want your illustration printed. 

Art Prints - 8x10 inches or 11x14 inches

Greeting Cards - Set of 25 (or more)

You can always order more copies or different products later too.

add-on pricing

What is an "add-on"? They are customizable elements of an illustration. They include, but aren't limited to:

- Lettering

- Additional figures (people and pets)

- Wedding Bouquets

- Props (ranging from toys to cars)

- Backgrounds

Once I look at the photograph, I will send an estimate broken down by each add-on. They typically range from $5-$15 each. More for additional figures.

Design Pricing

Does not include the product fee. Prices are subject to change.

Unfortunately this all depends on the image, how many people and/or pets are included, and any add-ons you would like, so I can't really post a price list. It is a $50 base price for one person, pet, or home. After looking at your photo I will email you a detailed quote.

PROduct pricing

Does not include the design fee. Prices are subject to change.


8" x 10 " = $20

11" x 14" = $30


$62.50 for a set of 25 cards

Additional cards are $2.50 each

WHAT do I get?

Art Prints

I use thick, archival quality, 100% cotton rag (tree-free) paper in a natural tone. That is one of the more eco-friendly options for fine art prints. The cotton paper is made with remnants from the textile industry (hence the word "rag"), and uses minimal chemicals for brighteners.

I print using pigment ink. If cared for appropriately, the print will last a long time before fading.

Greeting cards

I use a manufacturer based in the USA. 

Cards and Envelopes use 100% PCW* recyclable paper

*PCW = Post-Consumer Waste. Meaning the percentage of recycled materials used come from things we recycle.



Prints are packaged in a plant-based flap-n-seal bag with a recycled cardboard backer


It depends on how many cards are ordered. I use minimal plastic and may put the cards in individual boxes or secured with twine. They may come wrapped in the plastic from the manufacturer. However, I often remove the plastic so I can do quality control before shipping them to you. 

What photos can I use?

Illustrations are drawn from the submitted photo AS IS. Meaning, what you see in the photo is what you're going to get. I am not able to "make up" missing parts.

I can use a wide range of photos, but the best ones are:

  • Full Image - no strange cropping (watch out for tails, ears, tops of heads, feet, etc.)
  • In-Focus
  • Well-lit
  • Straight on angles

I have done portraits with older photos. The lower the quality, the less detail I'm able to include. I am always happy to look at some photo options and help pick ones that work best.

Let's Work Together

Let's chat if you're not quite sure what you want, or want an illustration beyond the Quick Portraits.

 Complete this form and let me know a little bit about what you're looking. I will be in touch within 2 business days to help you build your portrait.



What kind of portrait are you interested in?

What product(s) are you interested in? (check all that apply)

Is there anything else I can answer for you?


The custom design process timeline varies. It depends on time of year and how quickly we're able to communicate. I like to tell folks that outside of the Holiday season it generally takes up to 2 weeks from start to finish. But again, that timeline WILL vary.