Basic Home Portrait

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There's something about seeing your favorite home. It just stirs up all kinds of memories and emotions. Commemorate a special home with a Home Portrait. Use the illustration to celebrate a new home, fondly remember a childhood home, and even commemorate that family vacation home. The greeting cards are a particularly unique and fun gift for new homeowners.

You email me the photo of the home and I transform it into a colorful illustration in my signature "Vintage with a Modern Twist" style. The style features crisp white line work, vibrant colors, and a solid background to compliment the home. Product options for your illustration include:

Art Prints 

Come in 2 sizes - 8x10 inches and 11x14 inches

Archival cotton rag paper with Pigment Ink - for a long lasting print

Greeting Cards 

Set of 25 cards and envelopes

100% PCW* Recycled paper

Reorder additional cards at $2.50/card, minimum of 25 cards

*PCW = Post Consumer Waste

Additional Options - Check the Custom Illustration section on the website or email me for more information on additional options.