Cheers From Wine Country - Lake County AVA Greeting Card

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Cheers from Wine Country! "Wine Country" could technically be any of a number of regions around the world, country, or even state. So which wine country? The North Coast California Wine Region! This is my spin on an AVA Map, which are usually very topographical, showing the general outlines* of the nested AVAs within the Lake County AVA.

What the heck is an AVA?

AVA stands for American Viticultural Area. A federally-recognized region indicative an Appellation of Origin used for wine labels. Basically, something about that area (ex. climate, geology, and/or elevation) makes it unique and impacts the grapes used for wine. If a wine label lists an AVA, at least 85% or more of the grapes used to make it came from within that AVA, and the wine was finished in that state (courtesy of The Wine Institute).

The flowers are not particularly significant, just ones I like.

*Please note the boundaries are not exact!

AVA Maps are also available as art prints

Front of Card Text: "Cheers from Wine Country | Lake County AVA"