Go Full Throttle Abrams Print

Go Full Throttle Abrams Print

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Stacey Abrams took the energy from her election loss into motivation to go bigger. She ended up having a profound impact on voting rights in Georgia and beyond. It's easy to feel beat up after a loss or a perceived failure, but what if we take that energy to do something wonderful? 

A portion of the proceeds from this print will go to Fair Fight. Stacey Abrams founded this non-profit to fight voter suppression in GA and around the country. You can click HERE to learn more.

Print Details:

Size: 8” x 10” - easy-peasy to find a frame, versatile for most spaces, may even fit in a scrapbook when you don't want it on the wall anymore.

Orientation: Portrait - That's tall one, not the wide one

Paper Content: 100% PCW Recycled Paper, printed in the US.

Thickness/Weight: 130# - sturdy paper, but not too thick