Roy Kent Postcard

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I think we all need a little Roy Kent pep talk sometimes! His quotes on love are popular, but I think this one reminding us to find the joy in what we're passionate about is equally important.

For folks who don't know, Roy Kent is a fictional soccer star on the hit Apple TV show "Ted Lasso". He swears like a sailor, but has a heart of gold, and is known from dropping a plethora of F-Bombs.


Front of Card Text: "Fuck your feelings, fuck your overthinking, fuck all that bullshit, go back out there and have some fucking fun!" - Roy Kent

Back of Card Text: "You look cool as fuck" - Roy Kent

Size: 4" x 6"

Printed in the USA

Made from 100% PCW (post consumer waste - aka. recycled material). You may notice some recycling sprinkles- colored fibers in the paper. That's common in recycled papers, but has been more prominent since the pandemic.