Unapologetic Holidays Greeting Card

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We're unapologetically enjoying the holidays now. No more food shaming. No more commenting on what people eat, drink, or wear. No more feeling guilty. We don't have the time, patience, nor energy for that. We are just having a grand ol' time and you can mind your business. Also, don't expect us to hit the gym on January 1st. 


Front of Card Text: Unapologetically Enjoying Myself and Food This Holiday Season | And You Can Mind Your Business

Back of Card: Includes and image description for visually impaired folks.

Inside: Blank - awaiting your fab personal sentiment

Size: A2 (US) - 4.25"x5.5"

Printed in the USA

Made from 100% PCW (post consumer waste - aka. recycled material). The recycled material may have some little colored fibers in the card.