Life Hands You Mushrooms Greeting Card

Life Hands You Mushrooms Greeting Card

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Can you imagine being among the first people to try mushrooms? One minute you're happily munching away, you've forage the motherload puffball or tumpets. Then the next one you lick and die? Just wild.


Front of Card Text: "When Life Hands You Mushrooms Be Really Fucking Sure What Kind They Are"

Inside: Blank - awaiting your fab personal sentiment

Back of Card Text: Image Description for the visually impaired

Size: A2 (US) - 4.25"x5.5"

Printed in the USA

Made from 100% PCW (post consumer waste - aka. recycled material). The recycled material may have some little colored fibers in the card.*

Comes with a warm grey Kraft envelope made from 100% PCW.*

*Materials are subject to change based on availability